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A really good idea is to be identified as its implementation
seems to be impossible in the first place.

[Albert Einstein]




Following the above quote of Albert Einstein, I would like to
support you in overcoming the apparent obstacles and successfully
accomplish your ideas.

To that end, I offer you a unique combination of competences
in physics and engineering.

The analytic physical examination of the task broadens the pure
technological approach. In this way, cutting edge solution
strategies will evolve and lead to the best practical realisation.

By use of a wide business-network of engineering offices and
production sites for the mechanical and electronic components, we
are able to turn your ideas into reality; be it a single prototype or
in-batch production.

Please take this opportunity and get to know more about the topics,
within which I would be glad to help you.

Use following links to gain further detailed information:

References on latest projects can be found

Do not hesitate to contact me. Together we will find the solution,
that suits your needs best.

I am looking forward to
your approach,

yours sincerely


Martin Weisgerber


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